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Memories are recalled through favorite music and Fred Walker sings our favorites. He sings the Songs We Can't Forget. Each vintage song is chosen with great care, and Fred loves singing every one of them. He accompanies his fine tenor voice with an acoustic guitar. On occasion he adds a ukulele, a harmonica or an autoharp to round out his sound. He takes requests, encourages sing-a-longs and is easy to understand. His winsomeness and ability to draw in his audience has made him a favorite at dozens of nursing care, adult day care and retirement living affiliates. He performs nearly 500 programs a year, and his music takes him to several Midwest states.


"I like to talk to people as if I were sitting right next to them."


Fred Walker has been singing professionally since age thirteen and has recorded five solo albums. In high school he formed a folk duo The Found. In his young adult years he developed his musical style with several singing groups as well as through solo work. He began Fred Walker Music eighteen years ago and it is now his full-time career. Fred has been married for 43 years and he and his wife, Virginia, live in southwest Michigan. They have an adult son and daughter.


"He is lively and always brings something new and different!"

 ~ Jen Hurd

Plymouth Place • LaGrange Park, IL

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